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Our goal is to teach you to

train your own dog,

and we have fun doing it!

SCAT Agility Premium Available
February 15th Obedience & Rally Match

Canine Companion

of the Month:

On Target's Leader of the Autobots CGC NAJ is 2 years old & enjoys agility, obedience & rally. His favorite thing in life is posing for photos &fitting himself into awkwardly small spots :) He has his very own hashtag #ImWonderfulWhoAreYou
Loved By Heidi Randall

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Whether your dog is young or old, purebred or mixed,

Wichita Dog Training Club is the place

to go for all your dog training needs.

Classes Offered to the PUBLIC.

Obedience - Puppy to Competitive

Rally Obedience

Agility - Foundations to Masters