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Since 1949
Our Goal is to teach people
 to train their dog
using fun and positive techniques

          6201 N. Seneca St. Wichita KS 67204             

WDTC Board of Directors for 2023
Mary Moyer President
Kyle Okumura Vice President
Sharon Heckman Treasurer
Tina Nye Secretary 
Lori Perkins Obedience Director
Penny Clement Agility Director
Nicole Callahan Activities Director

 Committee Chairs or Coordinators for 2023

Obedience Registrar - Janice Arnold
Webpage Admin - Tina Nye
Membership Chair - Melanie Beck
Agility Equipment Committee Chair - Sharon Heckman
Dirt Work Coordinators - Deb Legge, Renee Thomas, and Rick Phillips
Phone Committee Chair - Tina McKnown
Agility Judges Selection Committee Chair - Jane Neave
Agility Trial Committee Chair - Jane Neave
Obedience Judges Selection Committee Chair - Lori Perkins
Dirt Watering Coordinator - Debra Powers
Vouchers Coordinator - Lisa Smith
Supplies Coordinator - Debbie Snider
Agility Seminar Coordinator - Julia Tan
Email Referral Coordinator - Pam Watkins
Agility Registrar - Kim Welles
Awards Chair - Chrystal Beck
Buildings & Grounds - Rick Phillips
Obedience Building Cleaning Coordinator - Varies Monthly 
Obedience Seminar Coordinator - On a seminar by seminar basis.
  • Wichita Dog Training Club
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  • 316-832-1952
  • 6201 N. Seneca St.
    Wichita, KS 67204
  • Facility Access by Scheduled Class Enrollment Only